May 7th - Opening Live - OPENING LIVE Kill The Silence: LUFF does Hong Kong We are going to demolish the old!

LUFF did Hong Kong!

Thank you Hong Kong!

LUFFdoesHK_Rudolf & Takuzou Kubikukuri (2)_14.05.16_©Charlotte Aebischer
Rudolf & Takuzou Kubikukuri / HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, 14.05.16 / Photo: Charlotte Aebischer

After two intense weeks of performances, screenings and adventures, the LUFF team has made it home safe and sound!
Warm thanks to Kill The Silence for their welcoming, to the artists, volunteers, venues in Hong Kong and Macau, and the audience!

LUFFdoesHK_Torturing Nurse (2)_14.05.16_©Charlotte Aebischer
Torturing Nurse / HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, 14.05.16 / Photo: Charlotte Aebischer

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LUFFdoesHK_Pain Jerk (2)_14.05.16_©Charlotte Aebischer
Pain Jerk / HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, 14.05.16 / Photo: Charlotte Aebischer

See you in Lausanne!

LUFF has reached Hong Kong!

There they are!

LUFFians have landed one by one in the messy and delightfully noisy city of Hong Kong.

This first day off from intense walking around and face-smashing concerts leaves them some time to sit down and try to understand what’s happened, amidst scattered cups of bad coffee and freshly printed flyers that fill their clumsy little apartment.

On May 7, having finally gotten used to the splendid too-muchness of Mong Kok, came the time to hop on a ferry to the shiny neighbour city of Macau, for a special opening night.

Same heat, magical casinos and SMS ads welcomed LUFFians to the City of Dreams, in the middle of which a small venue awaited discreetly, nestling on the 11th floor of a massive concrete building. The Live Music Association, as it was called, kept them fresh and hydrated along with a delicious line-up, cooked up by the team of Kill The Silence, the festival that welcomes LUFF to China.

Aquiles Hadjis at Live Music Association, Macau / Photo by Charlotte Aebischer

From spoken word to intense electronics, this first night unfolded pleasurable discoveries. The dark electronics of e:ch and Bleeds, the enigmatic melodies of Frog.W and the noisy pile of hybrid instruments handled by Aquinas Hadjis made this series of performances a perfect progression towards the last act of this opening event. Closing the night with a few steps of dancing took everyone by surprise, while Italian musician Mai Mai Mai, on his way back from a Chinese Tour, slowly scattered slicing melodies by the light of his candle.

Finally, after a few more Super Bocks and cigarettes facing the Macanese skyline, came the hour to head back to Hong Kong, the moment when the night ferry stole half the team away from a long night of adventures. Thankfully, those who escaped it found their way to other mysteries of Macanese nightlife, and as the city slogan should say, what happens in Macau, stays in Macau.

A long day of sweaty sleep and greasy dumplings was what it took for most to recover from this first night of a long week to come, while some were able to make it a full day and see more of the city’s beauty. The meeting point for all was the venue host to the second night, Focal Fair, concealed on the 28th floor of a mysterious tower. Trust was what led them through the impressive marble entrance, unsurprisingly lacking any sign indicating the existence of a venue. Upstairs, after a few cigarettes with a friendly tipsy Brit, all the team was finally gathered around a collection of beers and ready to face this second round of performances.

It did not take long for the fancy grey carpet of Focal Fair to acknowledge LUFF’s presence, as blood was shed minutes into the opening performance, which saw the fight of two human beings in the destruction of a MacBook Pro. In a very short time, grunts and metal pieces took over the space, while broken glass flew around their intertwined bodies.


Once calm and fresh beers met again in a cute musical interlude, the second performer was getting ready, discreetly making his way to the shiny dark piano by the window. In the long and winding performance that followed, the instrument was both smoothly played and violently hammered, leading to the fainting of the skinny performer. Without much time to recover from this strange moment, the public was caught into the quiet and dreamlike electronics of e:ch, in sharp contrast with the gloomy and noisy performance he presented with Bleeds in Macau the night before.

After several more performances, the room suddenly filled with smoke, and hard stroboscopic flashes started meticulously blinding the audience to the slamming rhythms emanating from the smoke. Hidden behind the light was the tipsy Brit, Ryan Jordan, unleashing humming electronics in between sips of beer. After this short and demanding act, the audience was brought to the perfect state of dizziness to enjoy once again the masked musician Mai Mai Mai, who closed the night in a slow heavy dance.

Mai Mai Mai at Focal Fair, Hong Kong / Photo by Charlotte Aebischer

Announcing LUFF does Hong Kong!

Is Switzerland coming to Hong Kong ?

Well…not really. But its best festival does.

LUFF does Hong Kong × Kill The Silence
7—15.05.16 /

Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival and Kill The Silence team up for an intensive edition in Hong Kong, in 5 weeks from now!

Discover the full programme now ! And all the great pictures, texts and videos the team will produce