Dominic S Lam (HK)

Dominic.S.Lam is an egotistical freak, music geek, entrepreneur and party boy from Hong Kong. You could say that he is a naive guy with a single minded heart. But he might not agree with you. He consider s himself as a prodigy who g ets sabotaged by nowadays norms. No matter how the society had taught him, he only ha s one agenda to himself- spread his musical thoughts to the others.His music combines Chinese traditional melody with a lot of improvisation in between, a hint of emotional flow and usually with some poet ic influence. Some people may think that he is too by himself and some people say he is a pure genius. No one knows the truth, as Dominic always has a subtle mysterious vibe surround ing him. Overall, he is just a maniac who madly loves music.


May 8, 2016
@Focal Fair (Hong Kong)