Rudolf Eb.er (CH) + Takuzou Kubikukuri (JP)

Rudolf Eb.er (CH)

The rituals and artefacts of Rudolf Eb.er are doors to dimensions of the traumatic abysses of human existence. Considered to be a shamanic form of art brut or a psychopomp, his work takes us to and across the deepest regions of human psyche.

His pursuit disoccults the psychic body through psycho- physical tests and exercises. He employs and combines cleansing with abreactive activism in psycho-active acoustic work and eld recordnings that amplify barely audible sounds of nature and decomposition.

In these audial environments he performs grotesque psycho-magical rituals and tantric exercises which induce a state of consciousness of higher level : a non-dualistic consciousness.

Rudolf Eb.er also known as Runzelstirn & Gurfelstøck founded the Schimp uch extreme and outsider artists collective in Zurich in 1987. Schimp uch are renown for their unique obscure audial and visual work. Their contentious, physically demanding performances and the shock treatment those represent for the public break the frontiers of the body and open the access to the collective unconscious. Rudolf Eb.er currently lives and works in Japan.


Takuzou Kubikukuri (JP)

Kubikukuri Takuzo is a performance artist who’s been hanging himself by the neck in his backyard for more than 15 years. The way he puts it, it allows him to “distance himself from the fatigue of life”. He explains, “Today is like a great gift for me. It makes the rest of my day very light.” Some believe this is his way of expressing his appreciation for life, and the years he has left.



May 14, 2016
HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Multi-media Theatre